Adjust your marketing practices

Tips for adapting your marketing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

While coronavirus wreaks havoc throughout the world, businesses have been and are still facing many challenges. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses are struggling to pick up the pieces from the damage COVID has caused. This has forced some businesses to close their doors while some are still able to operate under strict regulations. As a result, the pandemic has forever changed the way business is conducted, but business owners can use these changes to their advantage. Owners must adapt their business strategies so they can stay afloat during these unprecedented times. When it comes to marketing, a lot of opportunities have come around to better your business marketing activities. Here are some tips to help business owners adapt their marketing practices during COVID-19:

Reassess Marketing Strategy

What worked before the COVID pandemic, may not work anymore. Businesses need to stay connected with their customers but they should reevaluate their marketing plans for the year as they may not translate effectively during these times. Try to avoid capitalizing off of the pandemic as that may reflect negatively on the business as well. When planning a new marketing strategy, a helpful tool is to adopt your customer’s mindset. Ask yourself, how would you feel if you were to read this message in their position?

Clear Communication

COVID has forced a lot of businesses to change their hours of operation and their options for dine-in or take out. This means more customers look to the business to communicate how they are operating their business. Be sure to communicate regularly so customers stay up to date on your business. Businesses must also update their website and social media to reflect their current state of operations.  If you aren’t closed but have limited hours of service, be clear of that to your customers. The goal is to be clear and concise to your customers by communicating regularly and positively.

Brainstorm Different Ways to Generate Business

Despite the negative outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has shown that there are very creative ways to still conduct business from the comfort of home. Many businesses like gyms and art studios have taken upon themselves to go virtual by offering online courses or events via video conference. This allows them to stay connected to their customers while also still being able to conduct business. Be sure to find an alternative that best suits the needs of the business and customer. This could be a turning point to new opportunities for your business.

Strengthen Social Media Presence

More people are staying inside, using the internet and social media to stay connected. This means there are more opportunities to gain impressions, clicks, and leads. While you can provide the basic advertising for your business, give your audience alternative content to interact with so they are more inclined to stay connected with the business. Blogging, short videos, live streams, and more can be used to strengthen your social media presence. To make it more interactive, ask your followers questions to increase engagement as well. You can ask them questions relating to your products/services or you can ask them for their input of the type of content they would like for you to put out. The more the customer feels they are connected to you, the more likely they are to return and support your business.