Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping


Our video mystery shops are one of our most effective training tools for your business team to utilize. Video shops will give you the opportunity to view the interactions between sales associates and clients through the client’s perspective. Our shoppers will be wearing well-concealed state of the art equipment while offering your staff members every opportunity to provide professional service. Video shops allow you to obtain important feedback and advise your business team as necessary. The goal is for Artisan Direct to help you increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing feedback that matters.

The Process

  • In our initial meeting, we’ll familiarize ourselves with your unique sales process, develop program objectives, and identify individuals you would like shopped.
  • During video shops, our experienced and trained shoppers pose as a customer while well-concealed state-of-the-art audio/video equipment records every beat.
  • The shopper then sends the recordings to our headquarters, along with any relevant materials – with the written evaluation of their interaction, in. After converting it to your chosen format, we provide a link to the streaming video with your customized shop report/evaluation, along a log of all additional correspondence and an up-to-date schedule of other shops.
  • Likewise, if you’ve engaged us to perform a telephone shop, we’ll provide a web link of conversations. For email shops, we’ll forward you a copy of the correspondence.
  • Once you’ve reviewed each team member’s performance, we recommend you review it together with them, providing any needed coaching and guidance. Be sure to emphasize the positive and develop an action plan for improvement. If you’re anything like our other clients, you’ll witness measurable improvements.

Request a Program

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