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How It Works

While you may have heard the expression “we’ll fix it in post,” you may not know that any magic that happens in post production is only as good as the quality of the planning, preparation and actual shoot. To ensure your overall experience guarantees your desired results, we will take the following steps:

Step 1

An initial meeting between you and Artisan Direct will clarify and confirm your needs and the scope of the project.

Step 2

We hold a staff meeting which includes our video team, producers, and the director.

Step 3

During your second meeting with our staff, we will work out all the details, answer any questions, and establish the final project framework, expectations, and pricing.

Step 4

We will submit a proposal and agreement to you. After we have received your signed approval to move forward, we will write the script and submit it to you, along with shot list, for any editing, clarification, and your signed approval.

Step 5

Next, we schedule the shoot date(s), assignments for our team and yours, and keep you apprised of all the details regarding locations, staging, and any people appearing on camera, such as employees and customers being interviewed. At this point, you will give us all possible “assets,” including any previous video, logos, and photos you’d like us to include. We’ll house these and all future assets for this and other projects in your “library” on our secured server.

Step 6

On the shoot date(s), our combined teams and any on-camera interviewees will meet at the predetermined time(s) and location(s). The previously agreed-upon shot list ensures we collect all the needed shots and prevents a costly and time-consuming reshoot.

Step 7

We will edit together the shots, photos, logos, graphics, music, and voiceovers; and present you with the rough edit for your review.

Step 8

You let us know which three final edits you want and in what format(s), such as: DVD, CD-ROM, web encoding, email links, digital presentations, collateral materials, and/or direct mail.

Step 9

We thrive on client satisfaction, upon the completion of the project, we ask “How’d we do?” and “What can we do better next time?” and “Got referrals?”


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