Spring Cleaning with Artisan Direct

Exterior signage can feel the effects of seasonal changes. Dirt, wear and tear, and sun fading can be noticed by future buyers so we’re offering to do a little spring cleaning for your marketing signs. Not only will it make the appearance of your branding sleek but keeping up with proper maintenance will help the longevity of the sign.

Artisan Direct can spruce up your existing signs with a cleaning service, and can also assess any marketing signage such as 4×8 informational signs, entrance signs, or lot signs to determine if they could use a little elbow grease, or a full panel replacement to increase your overall curb appeal.

Below is an example of our cleaning service. Our task was to install a new 4×8 panel and reuse pre-existing posts since they were still in good shape. When our installer got on-site, he noticed the posts were a bit dirty so he took a few extra minutes to clean off the posts so when we finished the installation, the entire sign looks brand new!



If you’re interested in finding out more about our cleaning opportunities, contact your local manager or send an email to sales@artisandirect.us and we will connect you to the best Artisan Direct team member!