Lot Sign Video – Ground Stake Option

Since our lot signs have been a popular product recently, we wanted to show how easy it is to assemble and install one of the many options we provide! This particular lot sign set up comes with:

  • A Ground Stake that is easy to install and remove from the ground when needed. You can also reuse this stake at different lots overtime, making this investment more worth it!
  • A vinyl post sleeve to slide over the ground stake. The ground stake fits perfectly inside of the vinyl post sleeve so no need to worry about it moving!
  • Brand-specific lot sign to help buyers know the homebuilder along with the lot number.
  • Mounting options: We use double-sided sticky tape and also screws, depending on what the builder wants the final product to look like.
  • Not highlighted in the video: Some builders like to add coverups to help potential buyers know if a lot is still available or sold.

Artisan Direct is here to assist you with your lot sign needs so if you’re interested in showcasing your lots in a professional way, reach out to sales@artisandirect.us or your local market manager for more information!