The ABC’s of Sign Marketing

The ABC’s of Sign Marketing

Signs are often used as a communication tool to help individuals identify a place or brand. When designing your sign, they should aim to Attract new customers, Brand the business, and Create impulse sales.

Attract new customers

Attracting a new customer is essential to growing a business. For a business to grow, home builders must continually increase their customer base. Since most businesses cannot afford major media advertising, they must focus on other strategies to attract new customers. Directional signs are a very cost-effective tool for today’s homebuilders. With weekend directional signs, the goal is to attract and direct new home buyers to the builder’s models, leading to an increase in sales. It’s also an effective way to communicate to the target audience, as the new home buyer may need help finding the way to a new community. For home builders, weekend directional signs are among the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to attract new home buyers.

Brand the Business

When signs are designed effectively, customers can easily identify the business with just one glance. Homebuilders should include their logo and their business name so potential customers can easily associate it with their business. Texts and images should also be repeated through all forms of marketing to help make it easier to identify the business. When the homebuilders marketing methods are consistent, potential new home buyers are more likely to remember who you are, and what you are selling. Here are three guidelines that signage professionals have identified to help business owners know if they have effectively designed a sign[1]:

  1. It must be of sufficient size and height, and not be hidden or obscured by intervening traffic or other visual objects in the consumer’s line of vision (power lines, streetlights, etc.).
  2. It must display content (text and/or images) that is legible.
  3. It must stand out from its background. In other words, a sign should possess optimum visibility, readability, and conspicuity.

Create impulse sales

While technology has changed the way new home buyers shop for homes, they are too busy to wander around comparison shopping. New home buyers will likely make a quick decision to stop at a model because a sign attracted them. This means that the sign created the impulse for those new home buyers to make a quick decision, even as they drive down the road at a high-speed. To convince the impulse consumer to stop at your models, a sign must be designed so that important information can be easily recognized, quickly. Homebuilders want to be sure that when someone first reads the sign, they immediately understand what you are selling!