Employee Spotlight – Regional Manager David Keith Community Involvement

December 14, 2021

Artisan Direct would like to congratulate Regional Manager David Keith for his dedication to the business community as he is set to begin his term as 2022 Board Chair of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.  With over 800 members, The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest Chambers in the region and is a strong voice for advocacy for the business community.  David has been on the Executive Board of the Chamber for the past three years and was Membership Chair for 2019 and 2020. In addition to his role with the Chamber, David currently serves […] Read More

Commercial Signage for Home Builders

December 3, 2021

Your community signage is vital to branding your communities and creating awareness.  We have over 20 years experience with making just about every type of builder signage.  We have the templates, material s and experience to work with you on any signage projects. Examples of community signage where we specialize: Monument Signs 4×8, 4×6 Community Signs Brochure Boxes Model Home A-frames Model Home Signs Starbursts Construction Signs Lot Signs Floormats Sold Stickers Riders Awareness Signs Feather Flags Routed Signs Handicap Signs Sandblasted Signs Street Signs Parking Signs Selfie Frames Car or Truck Graphics Banners and Banner Frames Custom Flags or […] Read More

Communication is Key

October 13, 2021

Communication is a cornerstone to a great working team. Excellent efficiency and reliability can be easily achieved by great communication. What is meant by excellent communication is not constant communication. Constant communication is bad communication in most cases because independent work is required. Those who excel in this area are proficient in four skills: the ability to listen, a keen eye for interpreting body language, control of one’s emotions in language, and one’s ability to regulate stress. The first skill, listening, is self-explanatory. A person who listens not only is able to interpret the message effectively but also allows others […] Read More

What is Global Advertising; and Does it Work?

September 28, 2021

            The best way to describe global advertising is marketing the entirety of a well-defined sector of products or services. In the past, global advertising has been used both to bolster a product or service or dissuade the general public from certain products and/or services. A prime example of global advertising helping a sector is the “Got Milk” campaign that began in 1993. On the other hand, the “Truth” campaign was started by the government to dissuade children and teenagers from using nicotine products. Both of the aforementioned campaigns are the largest examples of global advertising, with millions of dollars […] Read More

What sets Artisan Direct apart from other sign advertising companies?

August 26, 2021

Artisan Direct has been a leader in the weekend directional sign business for over 25 years. We here at Artisan Direct might be a little biased, but we wholeheartedly believe that we provide services a cut above the rest because of our array of flexible one-on-one tailor-made signs and advertising. No one else offers our amount of offers and the speed of arrivals from our own sign warehousing and in-house production. Our custom sign placements from our local sign placers, which customers can easily track with online mapping. We provide technology solutions and 24/7 on-call support. Whether you are a […] Read More

Directional Signs Impact on Consumers

August 16, 2021

     Directional sign marketing, aka the signs and posters on the side of the road, posts, and corners, is more impactful and important than people realize. There is a reason why they have been so popular for such a long period of time. Directional signs and posters serve as effective visual “non-skippable” advertisements for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, most of whom have little to attend to while commuting. These individuals are more attentive than most realize, and thus two beneficial results can occur from the interaction. Impulse             There are two main marketing “forces” that take effect when a […] Read More

Tips for Working Remotely

August 6, 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses have moved a majority of workers (maybe including you!) to remote work. Many workers are now pushing to stay remote due to the ease of access and lack of commute times. However, there are glaringly obvious drawbacks to such a method, the most prevalent the distractions that come with home life. We at Artisan Direct want to help you stay focused and get more done at home with these five tips! 1.     Routine: Keep a consistent work schedule no matter how hard it is! Start your day at a certain time and end […] Read More

New Home Direct App!

July 29, 2021

Ever wondered if you could search for the newest homes in the area? Tired of shuffling through a multitude of cluttered listings that do not cater to your specific needs? Introducing the New Home Direct App! Here at Artisan Direct we have been creating and designing a brand-new app, the function of which is unavailable in the current market. New Home Direct is a platform in which large home builders are able to advertise newly built homes and communities under construction. Buyers can easily index multiple sites in their area, receive directions to any home, and communicate directly to the […] Read More

Housing Market in 2021

July 20, 2021

News on the housing market is booming this spring and heading into the summer and fall for good reason. There is a frenzy in the market, where buyers are becoming more and more desperate for any home sold. This can be attributed to interest rates still at record lows, making finding the money easier and more accessible to more buyers. On top of that, the re-opening of the US is causing individuals to want to move. The heightened motivation to buy new and used homes means more competition. Competition and lack of houses on the market mean houses are being […] Read More

New Market Manager Announcement

July 7, 2021

We are pleased to announce the newest member on our team, Jesse Todd. He will be the new Market Manager for the Norfolk, Richmond, and Williamsburg areas in Virginia. He has a wealth of experience in sales and we are excited for him to become an asset for our team at Artisan Direct. We are confident that Jesse will use his skills to help Jesse grow the market within Virginia and to ensure all of our client’s needs are met and exceeded. If you are in the Norfolk, Richmond, and Williamsburg areas and are interested in any of our services, […] Read More