Lake Norman Chamber “Around the Lake” Interview

By Kim Sudman / August 9, 2022

Last week Regional Manager David Keith was interviewed by the Lake Norman Chamber to discuss Artisan Direct and the services we provide, and some of David’s community involvement in the Lake Norman area. Thank you Bill Russell for this opportunity! #marketing #business #temporary #artisandirect #signage #temporarymarketingsignage #community

Product Highlight: Lot Signs

By Kim Sudman / June 22, 2022

Lot signs are a common product that home builders use. They help future home buyers identify their next home site in developing communities. Builders often use these to communicate whether the lot is available or sold.  Whether your community needs a few or hundreds of lot signs, we can help […]

Product Highlight: A-Frames

By Kim Sudman / May 24, 2022

A-Frames, otherwise known as sandwich board signs or sidewalk signs, are often used as an inexpensive way to attract any foot-traffic business. Some benefits of the A-Frame are: Lightweight Portable Rotate sign inserts when needed Can be used indoor or outdoor There are no limits on how you utilize the […]

Spring Cleaning with Artisan Direct

By Kim Sudman / April 28, 2022

Exterior signage can feel the effects of seasonal changes. Dirt, wear and tear, and sun fading can be noticed by future buyers so we’re offering to do a little spring cleaning for your marketing signs. Not only will it make the appearance of your branding sleek but keeping up with […]

Weekend Directional Signage 101

By Kim Sudman / March 24, 2022

As the New Home Building Industry continues to grow and change, our weekend sign service proves to be an effective source of marketing. Check out our new video below that helps explain what weekend directional and informational signs are and how they can help you attract more qualified leads! If […]

Weekend directional signs

Artisan Direct Installer Blooper

By Kim Sudman / February 21, 2022

Check out this blooper from the very first stop in our installer instruction video. Be cautious of your surroundings!

New Home Direct is now LIVE!

By Kim Sudman / January 18, 2022

We’ve gone live! The New Home Direct app, the newest new home finder and new construction community locator app, has gone live on the Apple App Store and Google Play! Download New Home Direct today to find your newest home and browse our catalogue of homes to find the one […]

Decoration necessities for the Holidays

By Kim Sudman / December 21, 2021

As leading experts in the field of new home sales, and having seen many families move into their new homes during the holidays, it seems fitting that we might give a few tips on how you can get your home involved in the festivities. Decorating the home is a big […]

Employee Spotlight – Regional Manager David Keith Community Involvement

By Kim Sudman / December 14, 2021

Artisan Direct would like to congratulate Regional Manager David Keith for his dedication to the business community as he is set to begin his term as 2022 Board Chair of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.  With over 800 members, The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce is one of the […]

Commercial Signage for Home Builders

By Kim Sudman / December 3, 2021

Your community signage is vital to branding your communities and creating awareness.  We have over 20 years experience with making just about every type of builder signage.  We have the templates, material s and experience to work with you on any signage projects. Examples of community signage where we specialize: […]