Complement Mystery Shops with Customer Surveys

January 19, 2020

Instant-Replays understands the value of customer satisfaction and we continuously strive to improve our customer service and help other businesses improve. Instant Impressions is our customer survey division, which is a service that allows businesses to create customized surveys for up to 500 participants. Try Complementing your company’s mystery shopping package with customer surveys to obtain feedback from numerous customer responses rather than a single interaction. Surveys are a marketing tool that will dramatically increase sales because you will be able to improve daily business interactions based on the perspectives of current clients. Instant-replays will work with your business to create the customized […] Read More

Getting started with a WEEKEND sign program.

January 18, 2020

Important steps: Submit a request on the website, email us or call us to go over the details of the programs Review and sign a contract that explains all the details of the program, including number communities, location of models and number of signs per program Send vector artwork and work with our team to finalize an approved design Review and approve our location map Agree on a start date Sit back and let us manage your weekend sign program

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“Our Best Training Tool”…Video Mystery Shops

January 17, 2020

Our video mystery shops are one of our most effective training tools for your business team to utilize. Video shops will give you the opportunity to view the interactions between sales associates and clients through the client’s perspective. Our shoppers will be wearing well-concealed state of the art equipment while offering your staff members every opportunity to provide professional service. Video shops allow you to obtain important feedback and advise your business team as necessary. The goal is for Instant-Replays to help you increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing feedback that matters. Visit the services page of the Instant-Replays […] Read More

Mystery Shopping Beneficial to Property Management

January 15, 2020

It is difficult to make improvements to the customer service provided by your property managers and leasing agents without knowing where improvements are needed. Whether intentional or not, people behave differently when the boss is watching so getting an accurate picture can be a problem. Mystery shops provide a way for you to get the needed information. The trick to using mystery shops successfully is to use them to develop and offer training to make improvements. Mystery shops have a bad reputation as a tool used to catch employees doing something wrong, or worse, as a tool to fire them. […] Read More

4 Tips to Increase Sales

January 13, 2020

E-commerce merchants frequently reach out to new and existing customers. Whether they use methods such as email, paid search, search engine optimization or banner ads, the goal is always the same: to drive qualified traffic back to their sites. Unlike brick and mortar stores, however, there is not always an opportunity to hear valuable feedback from these visitors and customers. Implementing a simple survey — powered by email — is an effective way to not only gain valuable feedback but to also garnish relationships and entice repeat purchases. Below are four tips on how and when to combine surveys and […] Read More

With so much competition, why choose Artisan Direct?

January 12, 2020

Here are the key advantages to choosing Artisan Direct over our competition: Increased traffic to your model 24/7 On-call support. Online mapping system with customized routes for each community Custom graphic design Sign warehousing, placement and production Digital print capabilities Technology Solutions Coverage Area Online Reporting Knowledge of local sign ordinances

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Weekend Directional Signs proof page

We Haven’t Used A Sign Program… Should We?

January 12, 2020

We have heard this many times from our customer base, “…More than 80% of respondents found their new homes with the use of directional signs”  With the proliferation of the Internet, it is understandable that most marketers want to spend their efforts on technology.  However, it has been proven time and again how effective a sign program is, particularly a directional sign program, for driving traffic into model homes.  The cost of doing so is much less than your Internet advertising and can cost as little as $5000 per year, per community.  For that small amount of money, the advertising […] Read More

Company Leaders Going Undercover

January 8, 2020

Mystery shopping is heading in a new direction as company leaders don disguises and assume false names to get the inside story on their brand from staff on the shopfloor. Getting a chief executive to operate a till or make tea for staff might seem like a bit of fun, but having senior management experience their own brands on the frontline is a serious business strategy. This mystery shopping approach has been made famous by the TV series Undercover Boss. Senior executives spend two weeks working with frontline staff, doing everything from making burgers to stacking shelves, often finding out […] Read More

New Home Directional Signs Homebuilders

Does Artisan Direct Outsource Labor?

December 22, 2019

Artisan Direct recruits directly into the areas where we are staffing to find the best and most reliable people available to handle your sign program.  We employ a number of recruiting resources setup to make sure we find the right person with the right core values.  We also put them through a comprehensive video training program as well as provide them with onsite instruction.

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